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From the establishment of Delta Tau Delta on Stanford's campus in 1893, our brotherhood has grown to over 1,600 men and counting. We have an incredible alumni network both in the bay area and around the world across nearly all disciplines.

I am honored to lead a group of men with such diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ambitions. That being said, I see on a daily basis the chapter's unified commitment to living lives of excellence professionally, academically, and socially.

Our chapter consistently has one of the highest GPAs of any Delta Tau Delta chapter, and we foster a culture that embraces each brother's obligation to take seriously the unique acadmeic opportunites that Stanford provides.

In addition to academic excellence, we ensure that each of our brothers is afforded a premiere social experience in their time at Stanford as well. It is my goal and our chapter's goal as a whole that our intentional and diverse social programming makes Stanford a better place for the whole campus - Greek and beyond. Our social programming includes brotherhood events, campus-wide parties, and everything in between.

Delt has not just enhanced my Stanford experience, but it has made my Stanford experience. Don't hesitate to stop by and see us at a game or reach out to any of us personally to see if Delt can make your Stanford experience too.

Rah Delt,

Hayden Little, 124th President of Delta Tau Delta - Beta Rho

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